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Ayurveda is known as the classic medical science of India. Now a days Ayurveda is developing very fast and spreading around the world. Today Ayurveda not only famous in India, but also in foreign country such as America, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and other country.

The spread and development of Ayurveda not only today. It already started since the olden era. By the fact that Ayurveda is spread to other country, it is sure that Indian people very happy and proud to Ayurveda science.

Because of that, I create this website to participate in spreading of Ayurveda science. I try to share good content to give the reader knowledge about Ayurveda. So the reader will have the knowledge about how Ayurveda is the great life science that stand together with other science.

In this website I am sharing the basic knowledge of Ayurveda, history of Ayurveda, the experience during the study of Ayurveda, and many thing that related to Ayurveda.

I am not a master of Ayurveda. I am still a learner of Ayurveda, but I will do my best to share what I learn to give benefit for the reader but also will give benefit for myself. Hope the reader will enjoy the content of this website.

If you find imperfect/wrong/misleading content of this website, please don’t hesitate to give complain/suggestion for better growth of this website. Please also leave your comment in comment section in every post you read. Happy reading.